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Dynamics of tiger sighting in Nagarahole National Park


Wildlife tourism involves travelling to naturally pristine areas to appreciate scenic beauty and experience wilderness experience. Apart from generating revenue it is most important in spreading the message of cause of conservation. It provides great opportunity in educating people about biodiversity and its essentiality in the very survival of human kind. Tiger in its wilderness is the reason for which many tourists visit Nagarahole National Park. Though sighting tiger is a chance factor it also depend upon density of tiger population, season, disturbance, time of excursion etc., Information available on visitors and sighting reports in Nagarahole tourism complex has been analyzed and reported here. 180 excursions per month is the threshold limit unto which sighting reports increase with increase in number of excursions. 17 excursions are needed for a tiger sighting in tourism season. In June and July when the undergrowth is thick, the sighting comes down drastically. Impact of season, tourist pressure, Visibility of forest etc., on tiger sighting has been discussed here.

Key words- Ecotourism, Tiger sighting, View lines, Threshold limit


Wild life tourism involves travelling to relatively undisturbed natural areas with specific object of studying, admiring and enjoying the scenic beauty and wild animals. It is a comprehensive activity that provide wilderness experience to visitors and economic benefit to local community. But its importance lies in strengthening the cause of conservation by providing the general public a cross sectional view of protected areas, create awareness about bio-diversity and educate them about essentiality of forest and wildlife for the very survival of human kind. Tiger (Pa11thera tigris) is the key stone species of management in Nagarahole National Park. When tiger population is healthy the forest and habitat for all other animals is ecologically robust. Sight of tiger in wilderness is the reason for which many tourists visit the park.

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