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Strengthening of Livelihoods for Sustainable Management of Forests

Government of Karnataka

Karnataka Forest Department

National Level Workshop

(16 – 18 February 2012, Bangaluru)

JICA assisted KSFMBC Project


Project at a Glance


Karnataka Sustainable Forest Management & Bio-diversity Conservation (KSFMBC) Project

Project Objective

To restore forests to bring about ecological restoration and also facilitate livelihood improvements to reduce the poverty of the inhabitants of the project villages by afforestation through JFPM, this further contributes to poverty alleviation & preserving biodiversity conservation in the area.

Project Area

All 30 districts of Karnataka State

Project Period

8 years (2005-06 to 2012-13)

Project Outlay

Rs. 745 crore

JICA Component

Rs. 613 crore (82%)

State Share

Rs. 132 crore (18%)

Afforestation (ha)

Target 1,85,000 Achievement 1,87,085

VFCs & EDCs (nos.)

Target 1,200 & 73 Achievement 1222 & 73

Evolution of JFPM policy in Karnataka

1.1993: JFPM adopted for the development of degraded forest lands with canopy density less than 0.25.

2.1996: JFPM order modified extending the JFPM to other forests with irrespective of canopy density in tribal dominant areas.

3.1998: Stakeholder participation in wildlife protected areas (PA) by constituting Eco-development committees (EDCs).

4.1998: Provision for JFPM made in Karnataka Forest Act 1963 by amendment.

5.2002: Comprehensive JFPM order with enhanced benefit sharing with VFCs and increased women participation.

6.2011: Comprehensive government order on EDCs for PAs and other high density forests.

Karnataka Forest Act and JFPM

Section 31-A of the Karnataka Forest Act 1963 ….

(31-A) Constitution of Village Forest Committee for Joint Forest Planning and Management of Forest

(1) For the Purpose of Joint Forest Planning and Management of Forest, the State Government may, by notification constitute a village Forest Committee in respect of a Village or group of villages.

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